PHOENIX – Offerpad, a leading iBuyer and the pioneer of the one-stop Real Estate Solutions Center, revealed today a new Extended Stay service that gives sellers up to 60 days to remain in their home after closing escrow. With the fierce competition in today’s real estate market, Offerpad’s 60-Day Extended Stay frees sellers from the stress and uncertainty that comes with having to find, finance or vacate a home the same day or just days or weeks after closing.

“Customers come to Offerpad because they don’t want the typical home buying and selling experience. They want certainty, control and freedom and that’s exactly what we’re delivering with our new 60-Day Extended Stay service,” said Brian Bair, Offerpad founder and CEO. “It’s the right solution at the right time, enabling our customers to sell quickly and move freely without the fear and stress of having to find a new home at the same time during today’s highly competitive market conditions.”

Available in nearly 1,000 cities and towns across the U.S., Offerpad’s custom selling solutions empower homeowners to buy and sell homes quickly and easily. Homeowners can request a free, 24-hour cash offer online, partner with Offerpad to list a home with a back-up cash offer or buy one of the thousands of homes available on Value-added services, such as show-ready home services, home improvement advances and extended stay options allow customers to personalize the home buying and selling experience even more.

“Due to my husband’s health, we couldn’t do the traditional home sale,” said Marsha Byrd, an Offerpad customer in Atlanta. “Offerpad was hassle and worry free from start to finish, easy and professional, and our offer was great! Our agent made the experience convenient at every turn and we were able to stay in our home after our closing with no pressure.’’

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