PHOENIX – For years, Offerpad has worked with homebuilders providing solutions designed to resolve their buyers’ home contingencies. That initiative, referred to as the Homebuilder Alliance program, is growing faster than ever before; year over year, 79 percent more homeowners have sold to Offerpad while building with one of the company’s partnered builders. That is due, in part, to the Offerpad-builder program expanding availability by 18 percent in new communities around the country, as Offerpad is now partnered with over 35 of the top homebuilders in the United States.

The real estate tech company is a solutions innovator focused on certainty and convenience in home selling that also gives sellers more choice and control over their real estate transactions. Offerpad is most well-known for buying homes in cash, after extending a competitive offer within just 24 hours of request.

The company’s purpose with homebuilders is to facilitate the sale of their buyer’s existing home. Doing so provides the homebuilder added assurance that the buyer’s sale is not contingent on the sale of an existing home. It gives the consumer immediate cash, certainty of the sale, and provides them the ability to stay in their home for up to nine months, allowing them to proceed confidently with the new purchase. It is Offerpad’s goal to eliminate home contingencies, streamlining the builder’s sale and the consumer’s next step toward moving into their new home.

Offerpad’s Dedication to Consumers and Builders

The dedicated and growing Homebuilder Alliance team at Offerpad is constantly working with builder partners on ways to add certainty and simplicity to home buying and selling. Offerpad plans for mounting success in the initiative, as many builders are shifting their focus to the changing needs of their customers and the demand for digital processes.

National Director of Homebuilder Alliance at Offerpad, Kyle Rush said, “Offerpad is uniquely positioned – especially during this time when demand for certainty and safety has never been higher – to help home sellers get from point A to point B in their real estate moves. Our partnering homebuilders recognize that their buyers can benefit from assured cash sales on flexible dates, with no showings and they enjoy having Offerpad as a resource to help them and their buyers each reach their end objectives.”

Homebuilder and Offerpad Cooperation

When a potential new construction buyer visits or reaches out to a new community, partner builders’ sales representatives will provide information about the availability of Offerpad to them, as appropriate. This allows the homeowning, new-build buyer to explore the Offerpad solution or even request a free, no obligation offer from the company right then and within one hour, have Offerpad’s competitive cash offer in hand.

Builders’ sales teams are trained and available to help their buyers through the brief Offerpad home offer request process. They can also begin to answer questions about selling to Offerpad and how it could assist them in their new construction purchase.

Consumer Benefits

The company’s innovative direct sale solution is adapted for its Homebuilder Alliance program with even more consumer benefits. When a homeowner is working with an Offerpad-partnered homebuilder on their new build and they choose to sell their existing property to Offerpad, they receive:

              • A competitive cash offer on their home within just 60 minutes
              • A 270-day window to close after offer acceptance – 180 days longer than usual
              • Five days of free Extended Stay to move after the sale closes – two days more than normal
              • The closing date of their choice which can be adjusted throughout the process
              • free professional local moveinto their new build

Offerpad’s Homebuilders Partners

Offerpad is partnered with more than 35 top-ranked and well-known homebuilders spanning over 830 cities where the company’s solutions are currently available. Builders include large, nationally recognized brands, boutique, local organizations, and active-adult community homebuilders.

With its partner builders around the country, such as Eastwood Homes, Maronda Homes, Meritage Homes, Pulte Homes, and many more, Offerpad assists home sellers in hundreds of sales yearly at a rate that is continually increasing, as Offerpad partners and deepens relationships with the best homebuilders.

Builders interested in learning more about Offerpad’s Homebuilder Alliance program and how benefits can be applied to them and their buyers are encouraged to contact