Phoenix– Offerpad, an industry leader aiming to provide the best way to buy and sell a home, has helped thousands of consumers sell safely, instantly, with no showings and on their timeline since 2015. With Offerpad leading the way in demonstrating new Certified Safety Procedures, home sellers, buyers and real estate agents may request a free, no-obligation offer beginning Friday, May 8 throughout more than 800 cities across the country.

Offerpad’s certification comes from HealthyVerify, a health safety organization which applies experience, knowledge, and the latest scientific evidence to help businesses implement procedures that minimize transmission of infectious diseases, in association with Barrow Neurological Institute, one of the world’s premier destinations for specialized medicine. “We are pleased to assist Offerpad in their attention to public health as they continue business in these unusual times. The procedures, specifically planned for Offerpad’s unique operations, were thoughtfully designed to reduce the risk of viral transmission. By properly disinfecting common areas, limiting the number of people in homes, and handling nearly all processes remotely, Offerpad customers can feel confident in their well-being – and that of others – when working under Offerpad’s new HealthyVerify-certified business procedures,” said Dr. Ana Moran, HealthyVerify’s head infectious diseases physician.

Company-wide training for Offerpad’s Certified Safety Procedures is currently underway. Home sellers can expect a streamlined and contact-less experience from the moment they request an offer on their home, throughout their inspection process, and carried through their free local move. As one of the largest renovation companies in the country, Offerpad’s superior logistic planning and effective renovation teams also have elevated safety procedures when working on vacant homes. Homebuyers can view Offerpad-owned homes virtually, with 3D walkthroughs and video chat tours through the company’s website. As virtual touring may be infeasible for some customers, Offerpad-owned homes are vacant, sanitized and ready to be toured.

“As we begin to re-energize our economy, I am pleased to see an Arizona-grown business setting the example for best practices nationwide,” said Arizona Governor Doug Ducey. “Thank you to Offerpad for prioritizing public health and safety as Arizona looks ahead to economic recovery.”

Offerpad is known for processes that focus on consumers who want to conduct a large part of their real estate purchase or sale remotely and on their own schedule. The new procedures will enhance the customer experience with safety, confidence and ease across all Offerpad markets.

“It’s excellent to see Offerpad, a national industry leader started and scaled in Arizona, begin to resume some business operations with these rigorous new safety standards in place,” said Sandra Watson, Arizona Commerce Authority President & CEO. “As a result of forward-thinking innovators like Offerpad leading the way, Arizona will return stronger than ever.”

Offerpad’s thoughtful and proactive attention to the health crisis allows the company to continue to carry out its mission to provide the best way for people to buy and sell a home. Beginning Friday, May 8, interested home sellers can experience Offerpad’s Certified Safety Procedures and are encouraged to request their free, no obligation offer at