HOUSTON – Tech-enabled real estate innovator Offerpad, completed its first year in Houston, Texas in January. The direct home buyer and seller launched in the area in January 2019 as Offerpad’s second Texas market.

At the close of a successful first year of service, Offerpad now operates in 52 cities throughout the Houston market including Conroe, Jersey Village, Katy, and Pasadena. The company’s Houston operation both buys and sells condos, townhomes and single-family homes with values averaging about $215,000. They often have a square footage averaging 2,200 with three or four bedrooms and two baths, but Offerpad evaluates and makes offers on homes in Houston with varying specifications.

When Offerpad initially launched in June 2015 in Arizona, the company immediately became recognized for its streamlined and direct consumer real estate solutions. In Texas and around the country, iBuying is growing quickly in popularity for its departure from the unpredictability and hassle associated with other methods. While best known for simplifying home buying with its signature solution, Offerpad today, is able to provide the best possible experience in real estate thanks to an expanding portfolio of consumer-centric products and services.

In total, Offerpad is present in about 800 cities across the country. About 200 of them are Texas cities, including Houston; Offerpad also operates in the Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, and San Antonio metro areas. The company’s first launch into Texas was in November 2018 with Dallas-Fort Worth. Houston opened the following January and Austin and San Antonio each launched in March 2019.

In its four Texas markets, the company offers the direct-for-cash home selling solution as well as others including innovative consumer home buying options, home loans, home customization, renovations, and more. Also, Offerpad is now partnered with Keller Offers, the iBuyer offering of Keller Williams; Keller Offers has been powered by Offerpad in Houston since October 2019.

Offerpad has achieved much in its first year in Houston, both locally and nationwide:

“Since even before our Houston market launched one year ago, Offerpad was receiving home offer requests here. Now, after serving the metro area for a full twelve months, we are proud to have helped hundreds of home sellers have better real estate experiences,” said the company’s Houston market director, Carey Maher. “With recently announced solutions and partnerships centered on making this process even smoother for consumers, we’re sure to build on our first year’s success going into our second year in Houston.”