Phoenix – Offerpad is known for having forever transformed real estate with its iBuyer model, which allows consumers to sell their home with less hassle and more control. Offerpad benefits sellers by providing a cash offer within 24 hours, selecting a closing date within 10-90 days, and even paying for the seller’s local move. With a mission of providing the best way to buy and sell a home, Offerpad’s focus is on continuing to provide new innovative options for its customers. Offerpad Greenhouse, the company’s research and development arm, has announced its latest customer-centric feature of customizing their home prior to moving in.

On average, Offerpad receives a new offer request from a homeowner every 30 seconds and acquires a home every 20 minutes throughout regular business hours. 100 percent of Offerpad-owned homes go through a renovation review, post possession. The company evaluates each home individually to determine which aspects of the property need improvement and upgrades, typically paint, flooring, appliances and curb appeal.

“In the time it takes for a seller to research, find and meet with a contractor, we’ve already completed the renovation job. Our in-house renovation team’s staggering 12-day completion average delivers quality projects in record speed. We’ve had more and more people come to us asking how they can take advantage of our resources and connections to customize their home, and so we are proud to soon deliver a fully rounded new feature for those wanting to skip another hassle of the moving process,” said Cortney Read, Offerpad director of communications.

Leveraging Offerpad’s industry-defining technology and one of the nation’s largest renovations operations, the company is preparing to roll out the option for buyers to make a new house their customized home. Using the Offerpad mobile app or via web, consumers will be able to browse Offerpad’s inventory of available listings and select their preferred home. Within their chosen home, they will select (and visualize) customization options.

“Imagine this: You find one of many Offerpad move-in ready homes and immediately you’re able to start personalizing it. By simply clicking on the kitchen photos, you have three different options for lighting kits. You move to flooring and decide, ‘do I want hard wood or tile?’. You sort through images of the counter tops and select the grey quartz you always dreamed of. Offerpad is making this a reality,” said Read.

In addition to the buyer’s ability to visually design their dream home online, customers will also get to take advantage of Offerpad’s renovation savings by adding all products to their Offerpad online shopping cart, at cost. As selections are added to the cart, a built-in mortgage calculator provides a running estimate of the associated cost, giving consumers a clearer financial picture of their remodeling project. “The $5,000 quartz counter tops that once seemed unfathomable, you can now receive at cost for $3,000, with an additional small monthly amount included in your mortgage,” said Read. “No out-of-pocket costs and no downtime. Offerpad’s renovation experts will complete your desired options before you even move in.”

Offerpad’s simple and cost-saving feature will be available for select Phoenix and Tucson Offerpad homes beginning later in Q4 2019. This is projected to be an option on all Offerpad properties nationwide by the end of 2021.


About Offerpad Greenhouse

Offerpad Greenhouse is the home for Offerpad’s industry-defining technology, a fertile ground of ingenuity where the most consumer-driven solutions in real estate are cultivated and brought to fruition. Serving as the research and development arm for the company, Offerpad Greenhouse is backed by some of the brightest, forward-thinking minds in the industry. The thought leadership incubator is carrying out a progressive vision to empower all real estate consumers through innovation.