Orlando, Fla. – This week, Offerpad and Maronda Homes finalized a partnership that will simplify the buying and selling process for new construction home buyers who also have a home to sell. Maronda Homes buyers in Orlando, Tampa, and Melbourne will be given the option to sell their existing property directly to Offerpad, an iBuyer known for streamlining consumer home sales. Taking advantage of the partnership will allow customers additional benefits designed to offer a smoother experience throughout the concurrent selling and buying process.

Offerpad partners with several top homebuilders around the country to eliminate the buyer contingency that requires existing homeowners to sell before buying a new construction home. Offerpad is now an exclusive partner of Maronda Homes which joins the company’s Homebuilder Alliance program in Florida.

The private, family-owned homebuilder is known for making the new home buying process easier for buyers in a digital world. Interactive floor plans, virtual tours and real-time updated homesite maps have been used by Maronda buyers for years to find their new home. Within the partnership, Maronda Homes customers can sell their home to Offerpad and forego familiar prerequisites like getting the home ready to list on the market, waiting for an offer, negotiating with buyers, managing repairs, and waiting for closing.

Maronda Homes buyers who pursue a home sale with Offerpad will receive a cash offer within one hour instead of Offerpad’s general 24 to 48-hour delivery. Sellers to Offerpad will have 270 days to close on the home after accepting the offer – 180 days more than typically offered – and they can enjoy five days extended stay in the home before moving – two more days than what Offerpad usually provides. They will also have their choice of a flexible closing date and get a free professional move if their new build is within 50 miles. In addition, participating buyers also receive a valuable credit of $500 toward in-home upgrades to their new build.

Regarding the new Maronda Homes-Offerpad partnership, Bryan LaFranchi, Offerpad’s National Director of Homebuilder Alliance, said, “Maronda Homes is a great builder and we’re proud to cooperate with them to deliver their Florida buyers an excellent real estate experience and a fresh start in their new Maronda home.”

To learn more about the customer benefits of the Maronda Homes-Offerpad partnership, visit the Maronda Homes partner page.


About Maronda Homes

Maronda Homes, founded in 1972, is a private family-owned and operated business building homes in Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, and Georgia. With nearly five decades in home building, Maronda Homes has dedicated its work to building quality new homes at affordable prices with unparalleled attention to customer service. It continuously strives to improve the home building process by modernizing floor plans and evolving home designs with affordable luxury reaching every corner of its new homes. At Maronda Homes, quality is never a destination – it is a requirement. For more information, visit MarondaHomes.com.