PHOENIX, Ariz – Offerpad is now available to home sellers and buyers in North Texas cities surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth. The Arizona-based real estate tech company is open for service to sellers who want to effortlessly sell their existing home, buyers who want to smoothly purchase their next home, and to selling buyers who would like to do both simultaneously with the Offerpad Trade-In program.

Offerpad’s ninth market, Dallas-Fort Worth is an especially exciting launch as it becomes the company’s largest operating area with availability in 134 cities. Additionally, this market launch is the beginning of immense market expansion. Offerpad expects to see the company reach 2,189 cities across the country over the course of two years. Its goal is to take its hassle-free home selling and buying solution to as many consumers as possible in order to simplify the real estate process and allow them to enjoy their move.

The company’s North Texas office is located in Irving and facilitates services spanning its footprint in the metro area. The company has local real estate experts on the ground, ready to assist future homeowners and also those looking to sell their homes in Dallas-Fort Worth. One of Offerpad’s new Dallas-Fort Worth managers and native of the area, Market Director Trent Capps explained, “Offerpad’s mission of providing the best way to buy and sell a home by leveraging technology and a deep understanding of real estate in the local market excites me. Above that though, is our dedicated focus to the customer experience and how we are able to streamline the process to make their lives easier in what can be a very stressful period. This is great news for residents here because we empower them to move freely, putting them in control to make decisions that are best for themselves and their families. Allowing people to move on their timeline, not having to be inconvenienced by staging and showing their homes and having certainty in the process has been proven invaluable in what we’ve set out to do.”

Residents of the area are seeing favorable economic and employment factors that are expanding real estate needs for consumers. Dallas and Fort Worth have experienced solid industry growth, especially in the financial, technology, and defense industries. It has ushered in an encouraging year-over-year employment increase of 3.3 percent in Dallas and 2.3 percent in Fort Worth. The area’s great income-to-cost of living ratio also makes it a desirable location for non-residents to consider.

In addition to the opening of Dallas-Fort Worth, Offerpad announces plans to launch the company’s home selling and buying solution in Houston on January 15, 2019 and San Antonio later in the first quarter. Estimated reach in these two Texas markets includes 86 cities around the Houston area and 35 cities in the San Antonio area. Three weeks ago, Offerpad projected an accelerated growth rate that would expand the company from its eight markets and 400 available cities – at the time of the announcement – to over 25 markets and 2,189 cities around the country with an estimated reach of over 24 million home-owning households. Offerpad begins this expansion phase with the Dallas-Fort Worth launch and it previously announced opening in Tucson, Arizona on December 1, 2018. The company looks forward to its upcoming openings and becoming available in the largest areas of Texas in hopes of easing the home selling and buying burden for its new neighbors.

Offerpad CEO Brian Bair said, “Offerpad has big plans so naturally, we want to be in Texas! We’re happy to now be open in Dallas-Fort Worth, with Houston and San Antonio launching in the coming months. These are the three most populated parts of Texas—two of which rank among the top five in the country—we’re proud to soon be available to so many Texans. Our customers around the country have given us great satisfaction ratings and we’re sure our newest neighbors will enjoy our services too.”

To learn more about Offerpad’s solution and employment opportunities in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and beyond, visit the Offerpad Careers section.