PHOENIX, Ariz – Offerpad announced today that the real estate tech company will open for business in the Tucson metro area beginning Monday, December 3, 2018. Already available in 59 cities in the Phoenix area, Offerpad will provide its industry leading, on-demand real estate experience in Tucson and its surrounding suburban cities. The company’s streamlined residential real estate solution will allow homeowners to receive purchase offers on their homes and also search for houses for sale in Tucson and 10 surrounding cities.

The Arizona-headquartered company is very familiar with the real estate needs across the state; extending its solution to homebuyers and sellers in the southern part of Arizona is not a new idea to Offerpad leadership. Brian Bair, Offerpad CEO commented, “We’ve always had serious plans to open business in Tucson. Now is the opportune time as year-over-year existing home sales, home value and appreciation, and employment are all up. Apart from statistics, Tucson is our neighboring metro area – Arizona is our home and we’re proud to broaden our footprint across the most heavily populated part of the state.”

Tucson is the second-largest populated city in Arizona, only behind Phoenix. As of December 2018, Offerpad will proudly serve the two metropolitan anchors of the Arizona Sun Corridor. This area, running through the heart of central and southern Arizona, is one of the fastest growing merging metro areas in the United States with a population expected to nearly double over the next 20 years. Offerpad will span the bulk of the Sun Corridor where over 86 percent of Arizona’s total population resides.

Due to massive internal and external growth, including recent announcements of service availability in Dallas-Fort Worth and now Tucson, Offerpad is designing a much larger office space in neighboring Chandler, Arizona. Offerpad recently announced that it would complete its move to the new headquarters building by March 2019. The company is continuing its rapid hiring phase that saw a nearly 300 percent employee increase over the past 18 months. Offerpad always hires and works with local real estate experts wherever we do business. We will hire additional personnel to manage Tucson operations as we prepare to open our new in-state addition.

To learn more about Offerpad’s solution and employment opportunities in Tucson, Phoenix and everywhere else the company operates, visit Offerpad careers.