PHOENIX, Ariz (Marketwired) – OfferPad, an innovative tech-enabled real estate company that has revolutionized home selling by providing ease, convenience and control to homeowners, announced the introduction of a solution that brings the same benefits to home buyers.

OfferPad co-founder Brian Bair shared: “The first two years of OfferPad have been about creating a great experience for thousands of sellers. Now, we are empowering buyers with Instant Access and Agent-on-Demand capabilities. This is all about the customer. When the customer wins, we win.”

Using OfferPad technology, buyers can access and self-tour OfferPad homes on their own time and schedule through Instant Access. They can also view home details and initiate an offer.

In addition, buyers can view other nearby OfferPad homes, provide feedback or request an Agent-on-Demand to help them with the process if they choose.

These new capabilities are the next step in OfferPad’s mission to empower homeowners throughout the entire home selling and buying process.

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