GILBERT, Ariz (Marketwired) – OfferPad, the direct home buyer changing the way homeowners sell their homes, today announces a partnership with Zillow® to begin testing the Zillow Instant Offers™ marketplace in select markets. The offering was created to provide homeowners with a way to sell their homes quickly by providing them with immediate, fair and competitive offers from investors like OfferPad, as well as a comparative market assessment by a real estate agent.

Homeowners can simply select the Instant Offers button, confirm information about their home, highlight updates and provide photos, and OfferPad will present an offer.

Partnering with Zillow directly aligns with OfferPad’s mission to empower homeowners, and bring convenience and fair-market offers to sellers through an innovative mix of technology and local market expertise. By participating in the Zillow Instant Offers marketplace, OfferPad will be able to provide additional benefits to homeowners who are looking for a better home selling experience.

“The best thing about this partnership is that it was driven by the consumer,” said Brian Bair, co-founder of OfferPad. “The rise of technology in almost every aspect of our lives has created a new type of home seller – one that knows the process can, and should, be easier and less stressful. Zillow has long been known for its dedication to the consumer, and the test of this new marketplace introduces even more transparency for its users. We are very excited to be part of this test. The market needs are changing, and it is services like OfferPad and Zillow Instant Offers that will change the game for the future of our industry.”

When a homeowner chooses to sell their home through OfferPad, they will be given additional benefits to make their move a good experience and more convenient. OfferPad provides dedicated support throughout the entire selling process to ensure a smooth transaction. Additionally, title and escrow fees will be covered by OfferPad and sellers moving within 50 miles can also take advantage of OfferPad’s Free Local Move program. For sellers of a 2,800-square-foot or less home, OfferPad will move them for free.

Beginning May 22, homeowners began receiving offers through Zillow Instant Offers in the Las Vegas, NV and Orlando, FL markets. There is no obligation to participate in program, homeowners can accept or decline an offer at any time, without pressure.

Homeowners located in the participating areas can submit their home for an offer through Zillow Instant Offers. For those outside of the program area, or to learn more about OfferPad please visit