GILBERT, Ariz (Marketwired) – OfferPad, the direct home buyer changing the way homeowners sell their homes, today announces the launch of their Free Local Move. Marking the first time an all-encompassing experience has been made available, OfferPad’s Free Local Move is aimed at further reducing the hassle of selling a home by moving the homeowner to their new residence at no charge, when they sell through OfferPad.

OfferPad buys quality homes at a competitive price and aims to provide convenience, control and excellent value to homeowners. The new Free Local Move service is an additional way the company delivers on its brand promise of providing the ultimate home selling experience. From their extensive real estate background, the OfferPad team intimately understands the needs of homeowners and the pain points involved with selling a home the traditional way, which is why the company has always been hyper-focused on elevating experience and value. OfferPad maximizes its purchase offers by making it easy to sell a home to the company through their online platform, covering title and escrow fees, and, now, offering to move homeowners’ belongings to their new residence free of charge.

“Selling our home through OfferPad has completely changed the way we think about the home selling process,” said Laura Workman, one of the first sellers who tried OfferPad’s Free Local Move when it was piloted in Phoenix. “Traditionally it’s been such a high-stress experience from putting the home on the market through to the move. OfferPad took care of everything from beginning to end. From buying our home directly to coordinating our move across town for free! They made it a very smooth and hassle-free experience.”

Once the homeowner accepts the purchase offer from OfferPad and chooses their close date, they can set up their Free Local Move for residences of 2,800 square feet or less. They’ll work with a certified moving consultant to arrange for transport of their belongings to their new residence within 50 miles. The homeowner is simply responsible for packing and unpacking their belongings, and the moving team takes care of the rest.

“Our team has worked with thousands of home sellers and we’ve listened closely to the frustrations that plague homeowners throughout the traditional home selling process. The biggest two are timing the sale of the home and the laborious process of moving, and now we’ve eliminated both,” said Brian Bair, Co-Founder of OfferPad. “We believe selling and moving on doesn’t have to be so hard, and we’re proud to be the first online home buying platform to make a free and simple move a reality for homeowners.

Beginning April 3, OfferPad is providing the Free Local Move service across all of its markets nationwide, which currently includes Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Tampa and Orlando.

“By focusing on providing the best experience and service to homeowners, our goal is to continue innovating in ways that are centered around today’s homeowner,” Bair said. “Ultimately, we want to transform the entire home buying and selling process into an experience that can be painless and even enjoyable.”

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