GILBERT, Ariz (Marketwired) – OfferPad, the premium online platform changing the way homeowners sell their homes, has secured a $260 million investment of combined equity and debt to continue expansion in additional markets throughout the US. Terms of the investment were made mid-year 2016, with the final tranche of equity about to be finalized. With the injection of capital from private funds managed by LL Funds, LLC., an investment management firm based in Philadelphia, OfferPad will bring this experience to more homeowners.

Founded by real estate industry leaders Brian Bair and Jerry Coleman, OfferPad is reinventing how people sell their homes by eliminating the hassle and uncertainty of the home selling process. Bair was formerly the second highest-selling real estate agent in the US, according to an annual ranking report by REAL Trends, Inc. and The Wall Street Journal. Coleman is one of the founders of Invitation Homes LP, a Blackstone Group company and the largest owner of single-family rental homes in US history with an investment of over $10 billion dollars. Through their experience acquiring approximately 100,000 homes across the country, the team recognized the needs of homeowners have evolved, while the traditional model has remained stagnant.

“Since teaming up almost a decade ago, the number one goal for Jerry and I has been to improve the experience for customers selling their homes,” said Brian Bair, co-founder of OfferPad. “The idea came from a concierge service our firm offered, designed to take most of the hassle out of selling a home with us. The one thing we couldn’t provide was control over the sale or the closing date. Now we can.”

OfferPad buys homes directly from homeowners through an online platform – allowing them to skip the painful traditional process millions experience each year when selling a home. The company utilizes technology, in unison with local real estate experts, to make the entire process convenient and stress-free.

“OfferPad is already providing a revolutionary solution in the single-family home industry. With the support of LL Funds, we can now continue to scale the business, offering a better option to tens of thousands of additional homeowners this year, and we’re just getting started,” said Jerry Coleman, co-founder of OfferPad.

Customer reception to the OfferPad model has been very encouraging, and the company is expanding rapidly. Soon to hit 100 employees, OfferPad has realized substantial revenue growth since launching in 2015, and it plans to increase operations and home purchases significantly. OfferPad is currently in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Tampa Bay and Orlando. The company will officially launch in Los Angeles this month, and already has plans to expand into additional markets soon thereafter, with a broader goal of taking the service nationwide in the coming years.

“We were impressed by the OfferPad team’s insight and experience in the residential real estate market,” said Roberto Sella, managing partner of LL Funds.

“Their passion for providing a great customer experience, combined with the opportunity to use technology, data and analytics to impact a market that’s ready for a change, attracted us to this opportunity,” added Shivraj (Raj) Mundy, partner at LL Funds and OfferPad board member.

“We believe this market will grow dramatically in the next five years and OfferPad is leveraging our industry knowledge to best support homeowners,” said Bair. “We’ve optimized the customer experience without losing the personal touch required when people are putting their largest asset up for sale. We want to provide incredible customer service and the best purchase price to give homeowners confidence in our intent to offer a fair alternative to traditional home selling.”

About LL Funds, LLC.

Founded in 2009, LL Funds, LLC. is an independent investment manager focused on identifying opportunistic investments with substantial positive return asymmetry. Currently LL Funds manages $1.4 billion for endowments, foundations, individuals and family offices through multiple private-equity and fixed-income investment vehicles.